Friday, 26 July 2013

WRDBC2013: RACE DAY 26th July 2013

As far as Day 3 went in the 500 metre Mixed Team racing it was another day in paradise with some brilliant Team performances. Watch the coverage either live or through the archive footage on the IDBF player at and get ready for the fast 200 metre sprints tomorrow on Day 4 of competition.

Belief Sport TV Production Team

A short blog from me today. I wanted you to meet the Belief Sport TV Team that is bringing you the coverage of the 11th Nations World Dragon Boat Championships.

From left to right, Winsor (Chat Room), Laura (Editor), Rich (Me! Presenter), Andras (Technical Director), Murray (Race Commentator) and Phil (Producer). Many thanks for the great collaboration between all parties working to give the best possible coverage of the Championships.

We are proud to be again working in partnership with the IDBF and really appreciate the efforts Andras, Laura and all the Camera Team at the Super8Group make each day to support Belief Sport TV in the delivery of world-class sports coverage for a truly world-class Sport... Dragon Boating.

Remember, you can watch all the live coverage at and interact with us in the studio through the live chat room.

You can also chat with us on twitter @beliefglobal, #dragboattv, #dragonboat and on Facebook at Belief Global.

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