Thursday, 25 July 2013

WRDBC 2013: RACE DAYS 1 & 2 (24th & 25th JULY2013)

Well what can I say except the first 2 days of racing at the IDBF 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships has certainly been amazing.

First day on the River Tisza in the city centre of Szeged gave us the 2000m programme with some spectacular racing with Canada dominating a lot of the Gold medal positions and a well earned Bronze for good old Great Britain (trying to remain neutral of course! :). We were certainly challenged as a Team with half of us baking outside along with our equipment in the blisteringly hot temperatures (36 degrees!) and the other half sitting in the luxury of the 'Star Ship Enterprise' style Outside Broadcast Truck, however, it was worth the persevering as we were able to capture some stunning live action shots.

Then, on the second day of racing, we were finally able to move into our air conditioned studios and set up camp (again with our trusty Outside Broadcast Truck parked outside) to capture some brilliant shots of the 1000m racing programme. I think for me personally the two favourite moments (apart from the great camaraderie with the Team and the constant fun moments) were seeing the lovely Thai Premier Women snatch the Gold Medal in a virtual dead heat with China and Australia. Absolutely captivating heart pumping action.

And just when it seemed this could not be topped, the German Men's Premier Men's Team stormed to victory to take the coveted Gold medal and after crossing the line half the Team tried to stand up resulting in the boat wobbling over and filling with water causing the whole Team to be thrown into the water. The Boat Marshalls did a great job in efficiently sorting out the submerged Boat and ensuring all of the Crew reached the safety of the shore.

It was certainly a memorable way to end the day.

So I will sign off for today and look forward to tomorrows race action with the 500m Mixed Teams racing. Until then, enjoy the coverage which is available to watch on a recorded loop 24 hours a day.

Remember, you can watch all the live coverage at and interact with us in the studio through the live chat room.

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