Tuesday, 23 July 2013

WRDBC 2013: RACE DAY 1 (24th JULY2013) Schedule & Introduction

After a truly amazing Opening Ceremony last night in front of many thousands of spectators lining the streets of the beautiful City of Szeged, Hungary (including a surprise Red Bull stunt plane doing what can only be described as an incredible aerobatic display), it is now time for Day 1 of racing at the 2013 IDBF 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships.

We are starting with the 2000m racing on the River Tisza in the heart of the City of Szeged.

Belief Sport's coverage starts at 0830 GMT+2 in the studio with Presenter, Rich Smith setting the scene, discussing the course with Race Commentator, Murray Jones and showing short clips from the Opening Ceremony with all the colourful teams in effervescent mode.

The Race Schedule starts at 0900 with Race 1, the Senior A Mixed 2000m (Standard Boat) Final and then a combined Race 2/3 for the Senior B & Senior C Mixed 2000m (Standard Boat) Final. Medal Ceremonies for these first races are at 1015 and then we will be updating you throughout the programme on the rest of the schedule as it unfolds.

Remember, you can watch all the live coverage at www.beliefsport.tv and interact with us in the studio through the live chat room.

You can also chat with us on twitter @beliefglobal, #dragboattv, #dragonboat and on Facebook at Belief Global.

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