Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to be a Champion in a Dragon Boat (from one of 'The Greatest' Champions in Sport... ever!)

With the start of the IDBF 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships edging even closer and with Teams from all over the globe making their last-minute preparations and undergoing final training sessions before competition starts (all of which will be available to watch live at www.beliefsport.tv using the IDBF's Livestream player, plus our daily interviews with Teams and other news via our blog), spare a thought for what it takes to be a Champion from someone who knows a thing or two about it...

"Champions aren't made in gyms. They are made from something deep inside... a desire, a dream, a vision. Champions need the skills and the will, but the WILL must be stronger than the skill"

Another word for WILL is DESIRE but probably an even more emotive and accurate description of what both these words translate to on a daily basis for anyone looking to be successful and achieve a definite goal is the world HUNGER.

How great is your HUNGER to be successful in Szeged, Hungary and return with a medal around your neck to your own country?

What are you willing to do to achieve glory? If you can honestly say you have done everything you possibly could do in training to get yourself into top, physical and mental shape, then on the day of competition it all comes down to your absolute DESIRE and HUNGER for success. However, none of this matters without one other very important ingredient...

... self-BELIEF, because when a person possesses unshakable self-belief, then...

... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, in sport, in business, in life.

So when everyone in your DRAGON BOAT has the same high levels of self-belief matched to unwavering desire to win and superb paddling technique, then you will have something very special.

Good luck to all Teams competing in Szeged at the Olympic Regatta Centre. We look forward to joining you soon in Hungary and capturing all the live, pulsating action on Belief Sport TV.

Interact with us on Twitter @beliefglobal and on Belief Global at Facebook and through the online forum during racing at www.beliefsport.tv.

First and foremost though, have some fantastic racing and enjoy the magical moments of representing your country with pride.

Take care, Rich :) 


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