Monday, 22 July 2013

Rich Smith Daily Diary: Monday 22nd July 2013

Another day in paradise... Day 2 on training/practice for the Teams and the Maty-er Olympic Centre was a busy place today with many Teams practicing for peak performance coming soon on the River Tisza for the first day of the 2013 IDBF 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships.

The Chinese Taipei National Team, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Hungary, Hong Kong and Trinidad & Tobago were on the water and all were looking good, boding well for some fiercely competitive racing.

In interviewed some truly lovely people with big hearts, great smiles and a real zest for life... pre-requisites for all true Dragon Boaters! Read all the individual blogs and watch the interviews on and feel the energy these guys and girls give off... it is truly infectious!

Tomorrow is the last day of training with more interviews to come and then at 6pm the Opening Ceremony  

Watch the interviews, other Team talks and all the coverage at, interact on twitter @beliefglobal, #dragboattv and on Facebook at Belief Global.

With unshakable self-belief... anything is possible.

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  1. I personally prefer Vimeo as the clips load better for me and rock climbing movie reviews there aren't the annoying adverts like you get in YouTube.