Friday, 12 July 2013

Belief Sport TV The Countdown Begins

With just days to go until the 11th World Nations Dragon Boat Championships taking place this year in Hungary, at we have been making final preparations. 

We will be bringing you live race day coverage and commentary in collaboration with the IDBF over the duration of the event.  You can see it all by watching the player to the right of the screen.  Also stay up to date with what we are doing by checking this blog. 

If you are at home why not link your pc to your computer so you can watch the days events unfold on the big screen.  If you are at the venue you should be able to watch live on your iPhone and iPad by going to

If you want to put the TV player on your website, please feel free to do it! lets get the whole world watching our great Sport.

The TV team will be out in Hungary from the 20th to the 30th of July 2013.  Come and see us and promote your team by getting involved in an interview to be shown on air.   

Please feel free to use the chatroom to talk about Dragon Boating and message people taking part to be read on air.  This year you can also use twitter #dragboattv to send your messages.

Good luck to all the teams competing from

Contact us direct on twitter main office: @beliefglobal
Presenter: Rich Smith; Producer: Phil Keeler;
Race Commentator: Murray Jones; Camera Controller: Winsor Wong

Twitter chat: #dragboattv

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